A small rural village, typical of South Northamptonshire, Whittlebury is surrounded by agricultural land, informal parkland and woodland. Horse Chestnut trees line the road on its approach from north and south. Click here to learn about the development of Whittlebury and its association with Whittlewood forest.

More recently, Whittlebury has been influenced by developments in its surrounding area, particularly the growth of Silverstone Circuit since the War, and then the development of Milton Keynes. Both brought new families to the village.

If you walk around Whittlebury you will see many fine mature trees have been preserved. As a community we have been active in recognising and protecting our heritage for future generations to enjoy, through the Appraisal and Design Statement.

The primary school is popular - a number of families moved to Whittlebury for the school, and others choose our school even though they do not live in the village. Several formal clubs meet regularly in the Reading Room, our village hall. Our bell-ringers practise weekly, and its perhaps not surprising given our proximity to Silverstone, that a number of villagers share an interest in cars.


Whittlebury News is published quarterly in March, June, September and December.

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